The Master Cleanse: A 10 Day Total Body Reset

     Are you ready to feel amazing?!

     Emerging into the new year, is there not a better time to do a cleanse? After the holidays, I was left tired and sluggish. I'm so ready to detoxify my body!

     The Master Cleanse, also known as the "Lemonade Diet", basically consists of drinking 6-12 glasses of fresh lemon juice, cayenne and maple syrup, daily. The purpose of the Master Cleanse is to dissolve and eliminate toxins + congestion that have formed in any part of the body. To keep youth and elasticity, regardless of our years! To reset our body for 10 days, resulting in a happy, healthy body and radiant, clear and glowing skin.

     I will be starting the cleanse on Saturday January 11th (I started today!), and would love for you to join me! Any support and encouragement is always needed, ESPECIALLY since this is my first time going without food for 10+ days. I'm so excited to feel better by respecting not just my body, but my mind and soul as well. 

     Get your FREE copy of my Master Cleanse Handbook here. 

     Watch my video walking you through the entire Master Cleanse, including my tips for accelerating your detox results here. 


Let's do this!




I understand that doing enema daily during the cleaning process, but will you suggest to do enema in regular days, and how often it is? I have eczema and looking for solution. Will enema make the body be Addicted to it? Will it mess up the internal system as normal schedule of going to bathroom? Thank you.


Ivan July 02, 2020

So excited for this! Thank you!

Adriana Monterroso January 11, 2020

Thank you

Joanne January 11, 2020

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