How to Stay Healthy While Travelling


     Travelling is one of my most favourite things to do. I love the salty air of the ocean, the palm trees swaying in the wind, the feeling of the sand beneath my toes, the warmth of the sun... lets just say my dream is to buy a home on the beach and live my healthy, carefree lifestyle. Although travel doesn't always take me to the ocean and tropics, I thoroughly enjoy flying and driving to new places that I have never seen.

     One thing travelling to new places presents is being out of your original habitat; meaning, your daily routine is about to get a little messy. Depending on where you are travelling, you may not have much control over the foods you eat, the water you drink, and so on. Being prepared is key to maintaining your healthy lifestyle while away. Does this mean avoiding eating out? Not getting that gelato you've been planning on? Or going to bed early because beauty sleep? No! Travelling and vacationing is meant to relax, recharge and stray a little out of routine to enjoy yourself and the people you're with. I use to be very extreme and stress myself out  when it came to enjoying myself and having some "cheats", but I realized that it's okay to give yourself permission to enjoy the little things in life, especially while on vacation.

     Here are my top tips and tricks to stay healthy while travelling and on vacation. I've developed and added to this list over the years and it has helped me to stay on course, especially when I rebel and eat out with friends or have that creamy gelato.


1. Detox Cocktail: Vitamin C, Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid. 

This trio of antioxidants are a MUST for me when I travel. I generally take a break from my everyday supplement routine, but will routinely take these three supplements daily when I'm away after I eat out, or eat something on the no-no list. All three are known as the "Detox Cocktail" as they basically they assist your liver to detoxify and regenerate after a not-so-hot food decision.  I originally got this recommendation from Doctor Sherry Rogers in her book, "Detox or Die". She explains that eating out exposes us to parasites and toxins we wouldn't usually have exposure to if we cooked at home, and places an unnecessary strain on our liver and organs. So think of this cocktail as your insurance when you eat out or treat yourself to a food you don't usually eat. I also recommend taking it before your flight and to double up your vitamin c to boost your immune system!

I take 2 capsules of Vitamin C, and one capsule of Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid after the meal. 


2. Probiotics.

Of course this is on my list. I make sure to take a capsule daily, and double up if I am flying, because that airplane air is full of foreign invaders I would not like to pick up before my vacation, thank you very much. Make sure your capsule strength is at least 15 billion +, as this is a great maintenance dose to protect yourself from getting sick. 


3. Santevia Power Stick Water Purifier.  

This has got to be one of the best inventions EVER. This little stick can be taken anywhere and is small enough to throw in your purse. It cleans out chlorine and toxins from your water WHILE adding in minerals, therefore alkalizing your water! I personally can't stand the taste of water bottles ( don't drink from water bottles, unless you HAVE to, generally while travelling ), so I just throw the stick in, shake it up, and the water tastes much better! Definitely saved my life more than once.

Find here.


4. Healthy Snacks.

I always make sure to have healthy snacks with me, so when I am hungry on the road or in the plane, I've automatically enabled myself to make good decisions. Some of my favourite snacks are:

+ Protein bars as they keep you full ( I love Macrobars )
+ Nuts & seed mix ( I like walnuts, pumpkin seeds, toasted almonds, coconut chips and mulberries ) 
+ Fresh fruit like cherries, berries and apples ( only if you're driving )
+ Seaweed snacks. A salty snack that will satisfy that chip craving and is 100x better!
+ Hummus & crackers. Again if you're driving over flying.


5. Sanitizer & Toner.

I always make sure to have a hand sanitizer and the Orange Blossom Toner accessible while travelling, especially on the plane. I generally make my own hand sanitizer with grain alcohol, lavender + lemon essential oil, colloidal silver and vegetable glycerin, but if you want a quick option, I have tried and loved the Doctor Bronners Sanitizing Spray. I spray the Toner on my face before, during and after my flight, as it contains Colloidal Silver and Neroli, both of which act as strong anti-bacterials and protect the skin from foreign invaders. It also keeps my skin hydrated, as the plane air is super dry and dehydrating. 

Find the Toner here.


6. Booty Bands. 

I bring these everywhere! I love staying active and fit while all the time. These bands are super easy to pack and you can do a variety of workouts with them anywhere that not only work the booty but your whole body! I love to do a 15 minute routine on the beach paired with a 10 minute ab workout ( watch here ) and some stretches. You'll feel amazing after with all those endorphins surging. 

Find the bands I use here.



7. Read.

I love to bring a couple books I've been meaning to read that I wouldn't usually get to. I consider this staying healthy because you are teaching your body to relax and stress less, plus reading is so enjoyable! 


I hope you will find these tips helpful to stay healthier the next time you are travelling and going on vacation! 



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