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About Shelby

Welcome beautiful people.

My name is Shelby, and I am the creator and formulator of Shelby Naturals. Here is my story.Ten years ago marked the start of my skin and health issues. I struggled with persistent acne, unbalanced skin (oily + dry), redness and scarring (yes, I picked my acne. I don't recommend it.) My skin was basically a mess, and so was my body. My hormones proved to be out of whack. Cramping, skin flare ups, PMS every day of the month- you get the picture. I tried every skin care product I could get my hands on that marketed acne relief. From Proactive to prescribed antibiotic gels to natural remedies like tea tree oil and natural skin products, I had tried it all. After basically burning off my skin and making it a red, dry disaster (from oily to dry, dry to oily. what gives!), I sat on my edge of my bed and cried. I reached a point where I wanted to give up. I tried to tell myself that I was born with acne and that this was my struggle, but something inside of me knew there was an answer. I had to keep searching. My doctor had recently recommended I try the birth control pill, or Acutane if the pill proved unsuccessful. With my limited knowledge at that time, I knew deep down that those drugs would be a temporary fix, and would mess up my body's balance in the process. I knew that I was out of balance, but I didn't know what to do.

I always had a deep interest in natural health and organic, whole foods. My mom had nurtured this love in me from a young age, as she had an interest in nutrition and brought healthy habits into our home. I started incorporating more organic greens into my diet and cutting all refined and processed foods. I started to become aware of what I was putting inside of my body. I kept wanting to learn more and more, and acquired mentors in this area. Upon finishing high school, I enrolled and was accepted into the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I became obsessed of the foods I put in my body, always making sure it was organic and whole. My acne had cleared up significantly, but it was still there, and would still flare up in lovely red/oily episodes, especially around that time of the month. I had yet another breakdown and was dumbfounded by how my expensive organic eating habits were not doing the job of completely clearing up this acne!

And then it clicked. One morning I was doing my skin care/make up regime, and I decided to look at the ingredients in the products I was putting on my skin, as the skin is your largest organ and everything put on the skin is absorbed directly into your blood stream. 99% of the ingredients were like another language to me and even sounded scary. I decided to start researching just what the heck was in my skin care and make up products. I bought book after book, scientific study after study, and what I discovered shocked me. Most skin care is full to toxic chemicals that disrupt your hormones, CAUSE skin inflammation (acne, redness, etc.), AND are stored in your tissues and body fat.  TOXIC CHEMICALS THAT STAY OUR BODIES. All the expensive make up and skin care I had invested in was basically poison. The slow killing kind. In the books I had read and the scientific studies I had studied, these toxic chemicals in our skin care, make up, body care, you name it were found in high amounts in patients with cancer. Especially women with breast cancer. This scared the s**t out of me. How is this allowed?! Where is our protection as consumers? I decided I was going to become a lawyer and try to fight for our rights, fight for consumer protection. After some deep thinking, I decided that the best way to change and impact skin care was to start a business of my own, educating people like you on the dangers of using toxic skin and body care.

I started to do some in-depth research (again. I'm a researcher by birth). I started experimenting with pure, organic oils and essential oils. That was a fun journey, let me tell you. From stinky oils, to greasy oils, I was ready to give up again. I did extensive research and took courses on skin care formulation, and found through my research that the most therapeutic treatment for the skin was in using highly absorbable oils, not creams. Most creams are acidic, and encourage bacterial growth on the skin. They also do not absorb past the first layer of skin, the epidermis. Although creams help with hydration, they do not help with regeneration and collagen production, the two main things you want for clear, glowing, radiant and youthful skin. I started to research the most potent antioxidant, collagen building, anti-inflammatory oils and essential oils. Most skin care, I discovered, was full of cheap fillers, and only one or two active ingredients. I wanted skin care that was ACTIVE- full of ACTIVE ingredients that would protect my skin from premature aging and the environment. Not only active, but absorbable. Skin care that was proven to absorb to the dermis and hypodermis- where all the skin regeneration takes place. I started my testing using only the purest, organic oils I could get my hands on.    

Graduating as a registered holistic nutritionist, I started to work at one of the largest health food stores in Canada. Through my daily interactions with customers, I discovered I wasn't the only one looking for skin care that was ultra-pure and gave incredible performance.  I started trying every natural skin care product that had fairly "clean" ingredients. Nothing worked. Most of what I tried smelled "organic" (think tree bark...), was greasy or just didn't do anything. I am a person who loves to wake up everyday and enjoy each little moment. Each moment is an experience, an experience that should be treasured. I expected my skin care routine to be that way. But before that could happen, I needed to trust that what I was using was really from pure, truly organic (there is a lot of "organic" products that are not even close to organic, let me tell you). Long story short, I discovered two oils that almost every customer interacted well with and experienced incredible results. I started formulating + testing my formulas on myself, my family and close friends. After a lot of negative feedback on the smell and consistency of the products, I kept going. My first product was my cream, which was a huge hit. Because all creams are water-based, I still had to use a preservative, but I chose one of the least toxic preservatives I could find that still protected the integrity of the cream. But I dreamt of a simple skin care line that didn't need a preservative, but was so high in antioxidant capacity that it preserved itself. I loved my cream, but I wanted pure oils. I wanted that regeneration. I still had acne, but my main issues at the time were scarring, redness, unbalanced skin and sensitivity. I also wanted to prevent premature aging. Through much research, trial and error, I developed what is now Shelby Naturals. A cleanser, to cleanse the skin and to efficiently remove bacteria. A toner, to open up the pores and to firm + tone the skin. A serum, to moisturize the skin. All three products are active, and regenerate the skin cells. And PERFORM.

My skin is not and will never be perfect, but it is balanced, glowing, and exhibits health and beauty. And it is acne-free. The scars I once had have substantially faded, and most are no longer visible. My desire and purpose is for Shelby Naturals to do the same for you. Beauty comes from within, and what you put in impacts your skin, your mental state, and your spiritual health. God has provided us with medicine that our bodies are designed to thrive on. I want to personally encourage you to never give up, never stop looking for answers. At times I wanted to give up and live in a hole, but I never did. And I am eternally happy I never did. The answer is most often times around the corner. Never loose your passion to discover. The world will thank you.

My passion and goal is to provide you with the purest skin care formulated with simple + ultra-pure ingredients that nourish your skin. Whether your skin is prone to redness, dryness, oiliness, age spots, wrinkles, discolouration and/or sensitivity, Shelby Naturals was created for you. My products work with every skin type, every age and at every stage in your beautiful life.  I want to share my discoveries and my journey with you through skin care formulated with my love and passion for only the best.

This is the only skin care that combines performance with truly natural, active ingredients. The ingredients are what gives the performance.