Why us? There are thousands, if not millions of skin care out there available to you. Why should you choose Shelby Naturals? Here is what we have to say:

  1. We focus on QUALITY.

    Our main focus and priority are the ingredients we use in our formulations. They are what MAKE Shelby Naturals. Thus, we set our standards high when it comes to the quality. We source certified organic ingredients whenever possible, and wildcrafted ingredients when we cannot get certified organic. Wildcrafted simply means that the ingredient(s) are grown without the use of chemical pesticides. As we pointed out on 'OUR INGREDIENTS' page, certified organic doesn't ensure the quality of the ingredients, just the safety. We take the extra measures to ensure that we use the highest quality ingredients possible. 

  2. We use all ACTIVE ingredients. 

    Our cleanser, toner and serum* are formulated solely with ACTIVE ingredients. Active ingredients are those that have cell rejuvenating abilities. In basic terms, they are ingredients that generate collagen production, reduce inflammation, hydrate and balance the skin. Most skin care products contain one or two active ingredients, and the rest of the product is comprised of synthetic chemical fillers and toxic preservatives. This is where we draw the line and stand radically apart. Our promise to you is to deliver you skin care that is completely active. This is where the performance and results come from- the quality and the potency of the ingredients.
    *Our face cream and body lotion, because they are a cream, have to be properly preserved to protect against bacterial growth, so this is why we cannot claim they are made up of solely active ingredients, like our cleanser, toner and serum are. They are largely made up of active ingredients (approximately 95%), but because they are a cream, they are mainly used for hydration and nourishment to the epidermis as creams are not absorbed to the dermis and hypodermis. This is why we recommend our cleanser, toner and serum for regeneration, as they are efficiently absorbed into the hypodermis, and our face cream and body lotion for hydration and nourishment to the epidermis, your top layer of skin. 

  3. We are SIMPLE.

  • "Simplicity is the foundation of life." We believe in keeping our lives simple, the products we use and the food we eat. There is no sense in complicating anything. We believe that what we put INSIDE our body has a direct impact on the OUTSIDE. We also believe the opposite to be true, as what you put on the OUTSIDE (your skin) is absorbed directly into your bloodstream and has an impact on the INSIDE. 

         Our formulations are simple. Most natural products contain a host of really great ingredients, such as vitamin C, E or A, green tea extract, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to name a few. All of these ingredients are extracted from their original source, and have to be preserved with a strong preservative to maintain their integrity. These are the two key factors why we DO NOT use these types of ingredients. Let us explain.

  • ONE: Extracted ingredients are poorly absorbed, thus cannot be properly used to rejuvenate cellular activity, reduce inflammation and generate collagen within the skin layers.  Why? The ingredients are extracted from their whole form. The synergy of absorption depends on many factors, and when you extract something, such as absorbic acid (vitamin C) from its original source, usually corn, your skin cannot properly recognize this compound. Thus, it is a very small percentage that your skin will use this extracted vitamin C to generate collagen and benefit your skin. Its a big thing to wrap your head around! 

  • TWO: Ingredients that have been extracted have to be preserved most often with a strong preservative, which is acidifying. A preservative has to be used because the extracted ingredients cannot be preserved naturally in their "extracted" state, thus bacterial growth will be encouraged.  This of course will most often cause the product to become acidic, which will affect your skin's pH level and possibly promote unseen bacteria and fungal activity, causing skin inflammation (acne or rosacea), and/or other unwanted issues. 

  • THREE: We use ingredients in their WHOLE form. All of our organic oils, hydrosol, blossoms and essential oils are left in their whole form. Here's an example. We love love love vitamin C (collagen baby!), so why doesn't our ingredient list include vitamin C? Because we do NOT use EXTRACTED vitamin C. So where is our vitamin C coming from? Our main source of vitamin C is coming from the essential oils we use. We have specifically chosen essential oils highest in vitamin C and cell rejuvenating compounds (always think mega anti-aging when you here that. Oh and collagen production too). Because the vitamin C is naturally part of the essential oils, it is 100% absorbed. The synergy of the potent anti-aging compounds found in essential oils all work synergistically to absorb each other. So why would we extract one good thing and leave the others? This is why our skin care is HOLISTIC.


4.  We PERFORM. 

Our goal is for you to see results in using our skin care. We have taken the certain steps and measures to ensure the highest quality, potency, and the simple synergy of our formulations, which we believe are the precursors to performance. We have seen a radical, positive change in our skin and we want to share this with you through Shelby Naturals.

5.  We focus on your everyday EXPERIENCE.

We believe everyday is a gift, an opportunity to constantly improve the world and quality of life. This is part of our mission. We want to establish trust with you. Your concerns are our concerns! We want you to take care of your body and health, and raise awareness that the products you use on the outside have a direct impact on the inside. Everything is connected, your skin is your largest organ so what you put on seriously matters! 

We want you to fall in love with taking care of YOU. From the time you wake up in the morning to when you go to sleep at night, we want you enjoy every moment of using our skin care. The texture, the smell, the feeling- we have taken all these things in consideration. Your safety and your needs matter to us and is our top consideration. This is why we produce a product that performs, with ingredients you can trust. 


Get into your skin, and love every moment of it.