A multi-purpose sanitizer that highlights strong antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients. 


Wet hands thoroughly with sanitizer and allow to dry without wiping.


We recommend you keep your Sanitizer away from fire/flame, as it has a high alcohol percentage that categorizes it as flammable. Keep out of reach out children. Do not use on the face or eyes. This sanitizer is meant for external use only.

ethanol 62% (pure high proof grain alcohol)
*glycerine (vegetable)
*cocos nucifera (fractionated coconut) oil
*argentum metallicum (colloidal silver)
*citrus sinensis (sweet orange)
*citrus limonum (lemon)
*citrus paradisi (white grapefruit)

  * indicates certified organic

60 ml/2.03 fl. oz

Disclaimer: we make no health claims and this hand sanitizer is not a substitute for proper hand washing.
"I love the ingredients and know that my hands won’t dry out. Just tossed it into my purse and it was so easy to quickly spray my hands before and after each store during my supply run."  - Rhiannon

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